Being a Holiness Movement

             We can not just say that we are a “Holiness movement” if we do little to nothing to support that. That is why I am proud of those I work with, and the organization I continue to be employed by. A Holiness movement as defined by John Wesley is not the holiness movement I am talking about.

I am talking about a movement of Holy revolutionaries who are not afraid to step out of the box called normal in order to inflict maximum impact on the Kingdom of Hell. You and I can not do this without “The Fundamental aspect that Jesus is Lord and God, King of Heaven, ruling and reigning, he is the bridegroom, the king, the judge. Those that serve Him are His children.” We then seeking to be a holiness movement must strive to live a life, holy and pleasing unto the Lord.

This is no easy task, we will fall short, but we must lean on God, get back up and fight the fight to bring a nation, and a world, back to the Lord, Back to it’s creator. We can not sit on the side lines of life and watch hundreds of fellow peers walk straight into the pit of Hell, all because we weren’t willing to pursue them with the truth of a life changing Gospel. I assure  you to this day, we will have moments when we know not what to say or do. But turning backs is something as followers of the Most high God, WE MUST NEVER DO.

Who are we as Christians to claim this in the name of Jesus and watch the lost continue to jump further from God. Who are we as a Holiness Movement to not proclaim what we so earnestly believe. The Bible the unchanging true word of God, we know, we believe why do we even think twice about it’s further dissemination to the world?

Another aspect that we must grab a hold of to be a holiness movement is this, we must have Jesus, God the father as the very centerpiece of our life. We must have a lifestyle that reflects our passionate burning desire for Jesus. Prayer must be a part of everyday life. So for now, Go into endued with power from on High to proclaim the Gospel and love of Jesus. Fear is common in the world, and in our life. BUT FEAR NOT FOR GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN YOU THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD.


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